Why I Love Breastfeeding! And why I am not night weaning!

Well, today I have been a mother for 7 months!

ellen at 7 months

It is crazy how fast this little girl is growing up. Really crazy. In no time she is going to be cruising around as a toddler, and babyhood will be left behind in her wake. So I have been trying my best to enjoy every moment I get to spend with my baby girl, and to me the most precious times are when I nurse her, especially at night.

I have read a lot of different blogs and articles about night weaning, and have weighted the pro’s and con’s that come along with doing that. But I have decided that for now I am going to enjoy every sweet sleepy moment I can get with my daughter. Being able to nurse and rock her, and seeing her eyes get heavy with sleep and feeling her little body totally relax as she drifts off to slumber in my arms is so precious to me as a mom.

I am not sad at all to give up an extra hour or 2 of sleep at night at the expense of missing these moments that God has given me to cherish with my child.    :)

I know that everyone has different needs, especially if you are working a full time job along with the full time job of being a mother! But if you simply feel pressured to night wean because of things you have read online I want to encourage you to feel totally fine nursing that little baby as often and as much as you want! Because soon this phase of their lives will be fading on to the next one, and you should store up all the sweet baby moments while they last!

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