A fun project for a Baby Scrapbook

Since I quit my job as a nanny 2 weeks ago I finally have a little bit of time to work on some projects that I have been putting off since Ellen was born last February…one being a scrapbook for my baby girl! :D

For my first project I decided to have a go at editing one of my photos of her from when she was about a month old. You may have seen examples of this on pinterest…When they are newborns, babies tend to make some really fun poses for the camera right after you unwrap them from their swaddle…ones that look a whole lot like they are flying through the air or dancing at a disco. So naturally some creative person was inspired to take one of these photos and edit them so that the surrounding space goes with the baby’s awesome pose!

Here is my finished photo, ready to go into the scrapbook:

Super baby! UP UP AND AWAY!!!!

Cute edited baby photo for scrapbooks and birth announcements

It may seem daunting to make something like this if you are not an artsy fartsy type like me, but with a little practice getting comfortable with the paintbrush tool and a program like Photoshop, Gimp (the free version of photoshop which I use), or even ms paint, you can create some pretty adorable projects!

Sometime in the near future I will make a tutorial for you all :D


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